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AcneStar Blue Light Acne Treatment

Price: £84.99
Brand:  DermaStar
inSkinCare Reward Points:  8
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What is AcneStar ?

AcneStar is a natural acne prevention treatment and works by shining light to change a chemical called Porphyrin that is produced by the bacteria P. Acne, which in turn kills the bacteria. This then leads to the calming down of the inflammation and clears the acne.

AcneStar employs light emitting diodes (LED's) to produce blue light. The blue light lies in the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum. It is the blue light at a specific wavelength within the electromagnetic spectrum that destroys the bacteria that are the fundamental cause of the development of this condition. Red vs Blue light: Red light is good to calm the inflammation in the skin due to any cause including acne. However blue light destroys the bacteria that is the cause of the development of this condition.

AcneStar offers cure and treatments and medication for acne prevention. AcneStar is an easy to use and is the perfect acne treatment for prevention.

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