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AesthetiCare Ecla Cell Duo

Price: £34.50
Brand:  AesthetiCare
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AesthetiCare Ecla-Cell duo combines an intensive draining lotion and toning cream expertly formulated to firm & tone the skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Cellulite, more commonly referred to as 'orange peel' affects up to 95% of all women. It is the word used to describe the fat deposits under the skin that outwardly give an uneven 'dimpling' or 'orange peel' appearance.

There are a number of factors which contribute to cellulite. These include genetics, hormones, stress, smoking, inactive lifestyle and obesity. These factors influence how your body's circulation and lymph systems work. Any restrictions or impairments to these systems allow fat cells to grow in size and become trapped resulting in an uneven distribution of fat - Cellulite!

Ecla-Cell duo's powerful combination pack contains a synergy of essential plant extracts which intensifies circulation, eliminating fluids and clinically proven xanthine derivatives which reduce fatty tissue.

Used morning and night over a two month period Ecla~Cell duo can:

  • Improve skins firmness & elasticity by 62%
  • Reduce 'Orange Peel' by 44%

2 x 100ml

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