Post pregnancy skin care tips, what are yours?

What would your skin care tips be for post pregnancy? Our skin is so different after pregnancy when our hormones have had a bit of a surge.

Is there a cream I can get for Age Spots

Looking for a cream that can help me with age spots on my face, there are some small brown patches of skin and some larger where they have join together to form a cluster of them.

DIY Skincare tips on YouTube from everyday products

Loved these home DIY skin tips from this girl, thought I would share with you guys there might be something there for you

Fair skin and sometimes blotchy skin advice

Been quite fair skin and sensitive to products, what do other people use? I am interested in a good skin care set of products but also some cosmetics to go with this.  I do go blotchy sometimes and do have to be careful what I put on my skin.

What can I do for under arm sweating ?

I get marks on my clothes from my under arm sweating, it is really unsightly but even though I wear an anti perspirant it still shows through is there anything that I can do?

What are the brown patches on my face that have appeared during pregnancy?

I have got brown spots all over my face that have appeared during pregnancy what are they are what can I do about them.

Skin Care News

Latest news from the Skin care world

What are brown sun spots and how can I get rid of them?

I have brown sun spots on my face how can I get rid of them?

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