We ran a trial for Dr Murad on the effects the Murad Firm and Tone Dietary Supplements Pack had on IBS.

This is the results from one of our clients.

Having experienced moderate to severe IBS symptoms from a very young age (I can remember them from as young as 6 years old), when the opportunity came up to apply for a trial of the Dr. Murad Firm and Tone Dietary Supplement Pack to ascertain if they had an effect on IBS as well as cellulite and stretch marks that they are designed for, I jumped at the chance. Having never found any remedy for the symptoms except complete exclusion of many foods, and even then I suffer from symptoms when I think I have done everything I should!

I began the month long course of day and night tablets. By day 4 of the course I had noticed my stomach was very flat compared to normal and that I had a loss of appetite and virtually no IBS symptoms at all, I had not changed my diet. I had no bloating whatsoever and a very regular bowel function and no cramping or indigestion. For the first week I did think it made my urine have a strange odour and felt a little shakey, but this has since gone back to normal, as well as my appetite returning to normal.

I usually have to completely avoid Bread, Cous Cous or Pasta. However during this course I have been able to eat anything I like with markedly reduced symptoms or none at all. Whereas beforehand eating Cous Cous would induce a 2 hour lie down in pain, all I had was about 20 minutes of a little bit of puffiness in my stomach, a very drastic difference indeed.

By the start of week three my Husband noticed with absolutely no promoting how soft my skin was and how much firmer and plumper it felt even on my face. Also the bits of cellulite that I had on my thighs and bit on my bottom has really disappeared, again with absolutely no change in diet or alcohol drinking habits.

After a 4 week trial I loved the supplements so much that I have gone on to complete the 8 week recommended course to see if this further improves my symptoms and my skin as the product is designed for. My symptoms are now massively reduced and it is very liberating not to suffer from pain, constipation and bloating all the time! The programme is amazing and I am totally converted. I sincerely hope that a treatment is specifically designed for IBS symptoms with a daily/regular course using the ingredients in this skin treatment; I know I will be first in the queue!


5 – 8 weeks of Treatment

In the 5 – 8 week period of treatment, my appetite returned to normal after a loss of appetite in the previous phase. I had lost a bit of weight (4llbs) though which was a welcome side effect for me. It may have been in part due to my not feeling nearly as sluggish, tired and bloated that aided the weight loss (therefore not reaching for the coffee /sweets as much). This course has helped me realise how much IBS does affect my day to day living and the negative impact of it on my energy levels and mood.  However especially in the initial two weeks, the supplements did numb down my appetite. Weeks 5-8 saw continued improvement in my skin and cellulite, and a flat stomach and I could almost forget I suffered with IBS at all.

In the months after the completion of the 8 week course, my IBS symptoms have crept back gradually but I definitely think they are better than they were, I can eat cous cous and only get a little stomach ache whereas before it was too painful to contemplate. The Cellulite has for the most part stayed away, with only a little bit returning after 3 months.

I will definitely be using this course again and I hope a daily dose specific to IBS sufferers will be created that is a little more affordable for a daily supplement. The effects are great but the price is a bit high to commit to it every month. It was very liberating to not have the issues of IBS to deal with! I could eat whatever I wanted and not worry about whether I would swell up like a balloon. My stomach has not been so flat in about 10 years. I had much more energy and much better bowel function, very soft skin with more toning (especially on the thighs) and virtually no cellulite at all! Amazing!


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