New Stem Cell 3D Body Crème Delivers Anti-Ageing Luxury from Head to Toe

Luxury is a language every body understands

1st December, 2014: DermaQuest, the international cosmeceutical brand at the cutting-edge of performance skincare is proud to introduce the Stem Cell 3D Body Crème; a lusciously hydrating way to tighten, brighten and transform skin from head to toe.

Velvety and indulgent, the Body Crème comprises a blend of botanical stem cells that will rejuvenate skin with lavish intensity. Crafted to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, firm, tighten and re-establish elasticity, the blend also brightens the overall tone of skin. Relish in the spoils of soft, supple skin with a crème that completes every skincare regime.

The formulation is brimming with revitalising peptides and rich mango seed butter that seal moisture into the skin. Performance ingredients such as Neodermyl, Dermaxyl and Progeline are used to remarkable effect, resulting in soft, supple skin.

To explain further, Neodermyl energizes skin for a more vibrant appearance, and plays a key role in reducing fine lines and shrinking sagging skin. As such, the Body Crème is an ideal product for retexturing and tightening décolleté quickly and effectively.

Stimulating cell communication and strengthening skin’s natural barrier function, Dermaxyl repairs skin damage and is one of the most potent anti-wrinkling ingredients available today. This potent combination of peptides reduces wrinkle volume by up to 36% and reduces the overall surface area of wrinkles by up to 98%. Enhancing the age management process, Progeline has an outstanding remodelling effect and corrects sagging, wrinkles, loss of elasticity and firmness. Progeline reduces sagging skin by up to 56% and quickly increases skin firmness by up to 27%.

The latest in botanical stem cell technology presents the illuminating and brightening properties of Sea Fennel, the anti-wrinkling strength of Edelweiss and the ability to re-establish tone and elasticity through Gardenia. Sea Fennel inhibits the development of pigmentation by up to 80%, while Edelweiss is clinically proven to decrease fine lines and wrinkles by up to 15% for every 20 days it is used.

The crème is designed to be massaged into the hands and body after a bath or shower. The white crème has a luxurious texture similar to a body butter although is quickly and easily absorbed. A fresh, clean scent reminiscent of Aloe Vera lingers on the skin. The firming and tightening qualities of the silky crème means that it’s recommended as a post-pregnancy homecare treatment. The Body Crème sits within the Stem Cell 3D Collection and retails for £65.00

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