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Welcome to our new online skin care shop

Keely-McBride-nurse-practitionerMessage from one of our co-founders, Keely a Nurse Practitioner.

“I would like to welcome you to our new online shop, in Skin Care.  This is a really exciting time and we are looking forward to providing you some of the best skin products available in the UK.

I run my own skin care clinics and have used a number of the products available in our shop both in my clinic and personally.  You know you are in good hands with the advice I can provide regarding your skin concerns, with my many years of experience as an Aesthetic Nurse. 

We have a new warehouse and order fulfilment location in the heart of the Leeds City Centre, if you prefer to pick your products up your self, with ample free parking.

I am looking forward to providing you access to some of the amazing products we have in our store across a number of leading product manufacturers.  

Don’t hesitate if you have any questions regard the products and what would be right for you, we are on hand to help you through the product selection process.”    –  Keely



Revitalash Style for Kate

Even Kate loves Revitalash multi award winning Advanced eyelash serum. If its good enough for Kate.revitalash-style

Obagi – Nu-Derm Winter Protocols for your skin needs

A personalised Obagi system tailored to meet winter skin needs. It may be cold and cloudy outside but skin is still exposed to harmful UV rays during the winter months.

Enhance Your Lashes

Put away your glitter, lipsticks and eyeshadows! According to VOGUE the official look this Autumn/Winter is simple, natural makeup with melodramatic lashes.

We are pleased to introduce two brand new mascaras to set the trend for the festive season: the greatly anticipated Susan Posnick COLORCOATED® Mascara and the luxurious Vitage® Cashmere Lash Mascara. As both deeply condition and volumise the lashes for a noticeably fuller effect, we’ve found it impossible to choose between the two.

Vitage® Cashmere Lash Mascara

An elegant mascara with natural silk and cashmere fibres to build and boost the eyelashes. Rich in natural ingredients such as Argan Oil, Aloe Vera and Avocado Oil, this conditioning product naturally lengthens and defines each individual lash.

Provides an intense pop of colour in either black or brown.

Susan Posnick COLORCOATED® Mascara

This fortifying mascara volumises and lengthens eyelashes for a high-impact makeup look. The nourishing formula is smudge and water-resistant while remaining gentle enough to be removed using any cleanser.

The double-twist brush separates each lash perfectly for a stunning false eyelash effect without clumping the hairs together, providing great build-able coverage.

New Stem Cell 3D Body Crème Delivers Anti-Ageing Luxury from Head to Toe

Luxury is a language every body understands

1st December, 2014: DermaQuest, the international cosmeceutical brand at the cutting-edge of performance skincare is proud to introduce the Stem Cell 3D Body Crème; a lusciously hydrating way to tighten, brighten and transform skin from head to toe.

Velvety and indulgent, the Body Crème comprises a blend of botanical stem cells that will rejuvenate skin with lavish intensity. Crafted to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, firm, tighten and re-establish elasticity, the blend also brightens the overall tone of skin. Relish in the spoils of soft, supple skin with a crème that completes every skincare regime.

The formulation is brimming with revitalising peptides and rich mango seed butter that seal moisture into the skin. Performance ingredients such as Neodermyl, Dermaxyl and Progeline are used to remarkable effect, resulting in soft, supple skin.

To explain further, Neodermyl energizes skin for a more vibrant appearance, and plays a key role in reducing fine lines and shrinking sagging skin. As such, the Body Crème is an ideal product for retexturing and tightening décolleté quickly and effectively.

Stimulating cell communication and strengthening skin’s natural barrier function, Dermaxyl repairs skin damage and is one of the most potent anti-wrinkling ingredients available today. This potent combination of peptides reduces wrinkle volume by up to 36% and reduces the overall surface area of wrinkles by up to 98%. Enhancing the age management process, Progeline has an outstanding remodelling effect and corrects sagging, wrinkles, loss of elasticity and firmness. Progeline reduces sagging skin by up to 56% and quickly increases skin firmness by up to 27%.

The latest in botanical stem cell technology presents the illuminating and brightening properties of Sea Fennel, the anti-wrinkling strength of Edelweiss and the ability to re-establish tone and elasticity through Gardenia. Sea Fennel inhibits the development of pigmentation by up to 80%, while Edelweiss is clinically proven to decrease fine lines and wrinkles by up to 15% for every 20 days it is used.

The crème is designed to be massaged into the hands and body after a bath or shower. The white crème has a luxurious texture similar to a body butter although is quickly and easily absorbed. A fresh, clean scent reminiscent of Aloe Vera lingers on the skin. The firming and tightening qualities of the silky crème means that it’s recommended as a post-pregnancy homecare treatment. The Body Crème sits within the Stem Cell 3D Collection and retails for £65.00

ZYTAZE has been found to extend the duration of botulinum toxin injections

Zytaze has had huge success over in America. Zytaze is now available from inSkinCare UK.

5 Days, 10 Capsules, Better Results

Formulated with a unique blend of organic zinc and phytase to increase zinc absorption, ZYTAZE has been found to extend the duration of botulinum toxin injections by almost 30%.

  • Improves effects
  • Speeds up impact
  • Increases duration
  • Standardises treatments
  • Suitable for all



Even young skin constantly needs feeding with the trace elements that help to restore and stimulate cell metabolism.

Theraderm Enriched Moisturiser

Especially effective in penetrating the deepest layers of the skin to restore softness and suppleness giving energy to tired skin. For patients with sensitive skin or a proven allergy to Lanolin.

Theraderm Gentle Moisturiser helps to prevent the first signs of ageing. The microscopic liposomes deliver the invigorating ingredients essential for healthy skin.

The first signs of ageing is usually evident around the delicate skin of the eyes. Theraderm Peptide Repair Eye crème contains two powerful restoration peptides which promote regeneration, reducing lines and puffiness .

Skin is constantly open to attack from free radicals therefore in order to protect and restore the skin using the Theraderm OPC Reparative Gel will help prevent from attack as OPC Gel (willow tree bark) is proven to be the most effective antioxidant known to protect and enhance the repair of skin’s own collagen and elastin.

Hyaluronic Acid

As we age the level of naturally occurring Hyaluronic acid gradually decreases. As a result the skin dries out leading to fragile wrinkled skin. The tissues in the skin gradually weaken and the skin loses tone and elasticity. The hydrating action of Teosyal Meso helps to restore the suppleness of the Skin, improving the overall physiological condition of the skin. Treatment with Teosyal Meso helps to maintain optimal leskin using the Theraderm OPC Reparative Gel will help prevent from attack as OPC Gel (willow tree bark) is proven to be the most effective antioxidant known to protect and enhance the repair of skin’s own collagen and elastin.

Start looking after your skin today, it’s never to late to enjoy a brighter, fresher skin !!!!
The Theraderm Skin Health system is designed to combine the LA clinic peels with a maintenance system for patient home use.


Autumn weather making your skin feel dried up like a leaf?

Autumn is beautiful time where the colours change and there is a slow down in nature. The same for you metabolism, which changes the way your skin moisturises. That combined with the winds and the effect this has on your skin its time to review your skin care programme.

Advanced B5 Serum – Provides advanced hydration for all skin types with sodium hyaluronate, a highly sophisticated humectant that holds 1000 times its molecular weight in water.

Still use an SPF30 if in Autumn sun during the peak of the day.



We ran a trial for Dr Murad on the effects the Murad Firm and Tone Dietary Supplements Pack had on IBS.

This is the results from one of our clients.

Having experienced moderate to severe IBS symptoms from a very young age (I can remember them from as young as 6 years old), when the opportunity came up to apply for a trial of the Dr. Murad Firm and Tone Dietary Supplement Pack to ascertain if they had an effect on IBS as well as cellulite and stretch marks that they are designed for, I jumped at the chance. Having never found any remedy for the symptoms except complete exclusion of many foods, and even then I suffer from symptoms when I think I have done everything I should!

I began the month long course of day and night tablets. By day 4 of the course I had noticed my stomach was very flat compared to normal and that I had a loss of appetite and virtually no IBS symptoms at all, I had not changed my diet. I had no bloating whatsoever and a very regular bowel function and no cramping or indigestion. For the first week I did think it made my urine have a strange odour and felt a little shakey, but this has since gone back to normal, as well as my appetite returning to normal.

I usually have to completely avoid Bread, Cous Cous or Pasta. However during this course I have been able to eat anything I like with markedly reduced symptoms or none at all. Whereas beforehand eating Cous Cous would induce a 2 hour lie down in pain, all I had was about 20 minutes of a little bit of puffiness in my stomach, a very drastic difference indeed.

By the start of week three my Husband noticed with absolutely no promoting how soft my skin was and how much firmer and plumper it felt even on my face. Also the bits of cellulite that I had on my thighs and bit on my bottom has really disappeared, again with absolutely no change in diet or alcohol drinking habits.

After a 4 week trial I loved the supplements so much that I have gone on to complete the 8 week recommended course to see if this further improves my symptoms and my skin as the product is designed for. My symptoms are now massively reduced and it is very liberating not to suffer from pain, constipation and bloating all the time! The programme is amazing and I am totally converted. I sincerely hope that a treatment is specifically designed for IBS symptoms with a daily/regular course using the ingredients in this skin treatment; I know I will be first in the queue!


5 – 8 weeks of Treatment

In the 5 – 8 week period of treatment, my appetite returned to normal after a loss of appetite in the previous phase. I had lost a bit of weight (4llbs) though which was a welcome side effect for me. It may have been in part due to my not feeling nearly as sluggish, tired and bloated that aided the weight loss (therefore not reaching for the coffee /sweets as much). This course has helped me realise how much IBS does affect my day to day living and the negative impact of it on my energy levels and mood.  However especially in the initial two weeks, the supplements did numb down my appetite. Weeks 5-8 saw continued improvement in my skin and cellulite, and a flat stomach and I could almost forget I suffered with IBS at all.

In the months after the completion of the 8 week course, my IBS symptoms have crept back gradually but I definitely think they are better than they were, I can eat cous cous and only get a little stomach ache whereas before it was too painful to contemplate. The Cellulite has for the most part stayed away, with only a little bit returning after 3 months.

I will definitely be using this course again and I hope a daily dose specific to IBS sufferers will be created that is a little more affordable for a daily supplement. The effects are great but the price is a bit high to commit to it every month. It was very liberating to not have the issues of IBS to deal with! I could eat whatever I wanted and not worry about whether I would swell up like a balloon. My stomach has not been so flat in about 10 years. I had much more energy and much better bowel function, very soft skin with more toning (especially on the thighs) and virtually no cellulite at all! Amazing!


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