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Cyclotest 2 Plus Natural Contraception

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Brand:  Cyclotest
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Cyclotest 2 Plus, natural contraception with Cyclotest 2 Plus is entirely without side effects and works by pinpointing the few fertile days of your cycle by simply taking your temperature.

Cyclotest 2 Plus identifies your non-fertile days and narrows down your fertile days accurately. On some days of the month, you measure your morning temperature (basal temperature), directly upon waking but before getting up. Directly after measurement, the display screen of Cyclotest 2 Plus will indicate whether you are in your non-fertile phase or not.cyclotest reseller

Cyclotest 2 Plus is an intelligent minicomputer for determining your fertile days.

With cyclotest you measure your body temperature with the integrated temperature sensor in the morning after waking up and before getting up. Directly after the measurement procedure cyclotest indicates in the display whether you are at that moment fertile or not. Accordingly, you find out without any great effort whether, to avoid getting pregnant, you should take additional precautions or not. You can rely on this evaluation from the very first day that you use the unit.

In this way, when used consistently, it proves to be a safe method of contraception which does not intrude upon or interfere with the female body.


Cyclotest 2 Plus is an indispensable companion for any woman who wants to practise natural contraception without side effects. Cyclotest 2 Plus uses a high-precision temperature sensor to pinpoint your fertile days on which you should take extra precautions if you don't want to get pregnant. In this way Cyclotest 2 Plus provides you with contraception to meet your individual requirements. While, for example, you have to take the pill every day, although you might not have sex on one day or another or you are in a cycle phase in which pregnancy is biologically impossible, you can decide with cyclotest individually when you want to take precautions and when not. Cyclotest 2 Plus provides you with the basis for making the decision by displaying the appropriate fertility status.

Accordingly, Cyclotest 2 Plus can be used without reliance on a doctor and can be used at any time and also stopped at any time, which can be important if you suddenly decide that you want to try for a baby.

There are no follow-up costs and above all there are no side effects which can interfere with and disrupt your body's natural processes.

Many of our satisfied cyclotest users, already after using the unit for just a short period, report that they experience a new positive awareness of their bodies and the return of their femininity. Previously experienced mood swings, a diminished sex drive and even migraines decrease already after just a few weeks of natural contraception.

Cyclotest 2 Plus is easy and convenient to use: on some days in your cycle (from the start of menstruation until the non-fertile phase after ovulation) you measure your body temperature with the temperature sensor directly after waking up and before getting up until you hear a beep, signalling that the measurement has been successfully completed, and then you read off in the cyclotest 2 plus' display whether you are at that moment non-fertile or fertile. In this way, you only need to take precautions if it's really important and you can include your partner in addressing the question of contraception. Those days where contraception was just a "women's thing" are long gone – for the sake of your health and your love.

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