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Cyclotest Baby Fertility Monitor

Price: £169.00
Brand:  Cyclotest
inSkinCare Reward Points:  16
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Cyclotest Baby Fertility Monitor

99% accurate, Cyclotest Baby Symto-Thermal Fertility Monitor can monitor your basal body temperature, LH hormone surges, cervical mucus and menstruation data to accurately identify your highly fertile days. The perfect companion on the road to pregnancy. Free shipping to the UK and Eire included in the price.


Getting pregnant boils down to the right timing, because you can only get pregnant on a few days within your cycle. Many couples wait a long time in vain to get pregnant simply because they have sexual intercourse at times when the chances of getting pregnant are either very low or even nil.

Cyclotest Baby Fertility Monitor indicates the days when sexual intercourse has the greatest probability of resulting in pregnancy. As a cycle computer, cyclotest baby records your waking temperature and identifies the temperature increase that generally accompanies ovulation.cyclotest resellercyclotest baby fertility

Cyclotest Baby Fertility Monitor also indicates the days when carrying out ovulation tests would be useful so that a further indicator of fertility for imminent ovulation can be taken into account. This dual method enhances accuracy for forecasting your most fertile days. Carrying out and including the results of ovulation tests is optional - you can use cyclotest baby just to pinpoint your fertile days solely by measuring your body temperature.

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