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DCL Balancing Cleanser

Price: £30.00
Brand:  DCL
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DCL Balancing Cleanser is a sophisticated product that prepares the skin for treatment by thoroughly cleaning and gently refining while providing moisture that remains within and on the surface of the stratum corneum.

117 ml Tube

DCL Balancing Cleanser is designed to provide a balance between deep, thorough cleansing and dual action moisturising. It  contains humectants that draw and retain moisture within the skin and protectants to enhance skin barrier function. At the same time, it will gently slough off any residual surface dirt and debris. This prepares the skin to properly accept the next phase of treatment.

Features and Benefits

  • Gently cleanses skin with the newest state of the art surfactants
  • Phospholipids, a key component of the cellular matrix, that enhances barrier
  • function
  • Tiny rounded polybeads, fine polyethylene exfoliating beads, will gently remove
  • cellular debris
  • Contains Pentavitin to enhance long term moisturisation by hydrating the skin from
  • within
  • Removes dead skin cells which have been broken down by glycolic acid
  • Clinically proven


Apply an amount, about the size of a pea, to face and neck, avoiding the eye area. Apply some tepid water and gently work into a lather with a circular motion. Rinse thoroughly with tepid water and remove with a clean sponge or face cloth. Blot dry. Should be used morning and evening.

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