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LA Science Shampoo and Serum 4 Months Supply

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LA Science Shampoo and Serum 4 Months Supply

2 X LA Science Shampoo

4 X LA Science Serum

LA Science Follicle Stimulating Shampoo

LA SCIENCE SHAMPOO maintains the condition of the scalp, creating the best environment for anti-hair loss by strengthening the hair follicle and increasing the blood supply to the treated area. LA Science shampoo creates a healthy environment for anti-hair loss which improves blood supply to the scalp. One of the main ingredients of the shampoo is Copper Tripeptide. Copper peptide complex increases blood vessel network to the hair follicle, increasing the size of the follicle, encouraging hair growth. Also include directions for use Shampoo, should last around 5 months. Wash hair daily, massaging thoroughly into the scalp, do not use a conditioner with this product. Towel hair (doesn't have to be bone dry but takeoff excess water).

LA Science Anti Hair loss Serum

LA SCIENCE SERUM delivers growth factor mimicking peptides to the base of the follicle, which stimulates hair follicles to produce healthier hair shafts. It improves the hair and scalp condition, normalizing the hair growth cycle. LA Science Ant-hair loss Serum delivers multiple growth factor peptides to the base of the hair follicle which produces a healthier hair shaft, increasing hair growth rate and reducing hair loss. Also include directions for use - apply serum every other time you use the LA Science Shampoo. Use day and night, on 'bald spots' or where the hair appears to be thinning, massage for approximately 1 minute into the scalp, do not rinse off.

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