Customer Reviews

Dermaquest Peptide Mobilizer 1 oz
The Dermaquest Peptide Mobilizer is fantastic and is worth every penny. Been using for 2 months and I look like I have had botox and fillers, had many comments about how young I look. I will re-order and will be adding to the items with confidence. Thank you
SKINN Total Shave
SKINN Total Shave is a superior product for mens shaving requirements. I have found that not only does it enable me to get a much closer shave than the readily available supermarket products but has also reduced razor burn considerably. My skin suppleness has also improved noticeably and I also have reduced ingrowing hairs which I used to frequently get. I have no hesitation in recommending this product to males of all ages.
Dermaquest Advanced B5 Serum
I love this product. It leaves the skin feeling smooth and hydrated. It can be used on its own or under your daily moisturiser. I used to have dry skin patches on my face but never since using this product. And a little goes a long way!
Flavo C Flash
I would like to thank you very very much for sending my order as promised the same afternoon that i ordered it. It arrived the very next day and i collected it this morning from the post office - looking forward to using it too - Flavo - C Flash. thanks again, much appreciated - Gill
Flavo C Flash
I have used this product for a long time. It works great for me. It is very difficult to buy in Hong Kong, so I now buy this when I am in the UK to take home with me. I received the products very quickley.
SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF Serum 30ml
SkinMedica TNS LipPlump System
This product is great, my lips feel fuller, and they have turned from brown to pink. I use the product every night, I love it!
Theraderm Gentle Facial Moisturiser
Best moisturiser I have ever used. I have been cursed with sensitive, allergic skin most of my life but my troubles now appear to be resolved
LA Science Shampoo and Serum
Sky One's new daytime show 'Angela and Friends', recommended LA Science Shampoo and Serum as best haircare product for men.
Theraderm NuPeel Natural Peeling Gel
Erica Batley - Really fantastic product - gave my skin a glow and works really well, easy to use and have already recommended this product!!
Theraderm Enriched Skin Renewal System
Jane 23 March 2009:<br /> I use the Theraderm skin renewal system. Unlike any other products I have ever used, this actually works. It makes my skin less prone to outbreaks, my pores are tighter and my skin is less oily and evenly toned. Certainly worth the money when you compare how much I have spent trying everything out there.
SkinCeuticals Sport UV Defense SPF45
DIANNE, 40, DORSET<br /> I use SkinCeuticals serum 15 and various of the Sunblocks up to 45 spf. In the past I have used Dermalogica. My skin is dry and sun-damaged. My skin looks and feels clearer and brighter and the sunblocks really work. I can see the results as well as feel them on my skin’s texture. The products feel more medical. Women are extremely confused – there are so many products on the market all of them promising the impossible, SkinCeuticals seems to deliver what it promises.
SkinCeuticals Eye Renewal Gel
DEBRA, 41, HARROGATE<br /> I use SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic, Phyto +, Sun Defense SPF30 and Eye Renewal gel. I previously used Creme de la Mer - still use some. My skin is now well hydrated, with hyper pigmented areas since pregnancy. My pigmentation has broken down with colour faded much clearer, more even tone, brightness greatly improved and an all over much better look to the skin. Fantastic! You can actually see the difference with these products with continued use. They do what they say they do and over time you can see it. Phyto + is a fantastic product. I think there are so many products on the market all claiming to do wonderful things one never knows just what is the best product for oneself. I’ve bought products in the past especially for the pigmentation claiming that they will clear my skin yet not one has until now. SkinCeuticals is the first range of products that have done what they say they will. I really think they are fabulous and the fact that you can have peels, facials and therapists continually helping you with your skin’s needs, really works with me. I use these products and enjoy the results they are giving me. Thank you.
SkinCeuticals Eye Balm
CHAROLE, 44, WRIGHTINGTON, LANCASHIRE<br /> I use cleaning cream, CE Ferulic, eye gel, face cream, eye balm, phyto+, lip repair, renew overnight dry, spf 20, sport 45. I used to use Kanebo etc. my skin is pretty good for my age but I have noticed improved texture and tone since using the products. they are different from other products I have use as they seem to work at a deeper level.
SkinCeuticals Serum 20 AOX 30ml
YVONNE, 40, DROGHEDA, IRELAND<br /> I use the cleansing cream, serum 20 and skin firming cream. I have seen a huge improvement since using the products. They leave your skin feeling and looking fresh and their ingredients are much more intensive.
SkinCeuticals Skin Firming Cream
SHARON, 35, COUNTY LOUTH, IRELAND<br /> I use Foaming Cleanser, CE Ferulic, B5 Gel, Skin Firming Cream. My eyes are less creppy and the skin on my face is firmer and more luminous. I always get compliments on what great skin I have. I love the fact that I know I’m, using the absolute best as Dermatologists stock these products and they contain high active ingredients. The ingredients are much more concentrated and therefore more results based. I have used sunbeds in the past and have psoriasis in my hairline so have over-used steroids in the past. I am surprised at the amount of women who believe the hype in glossy magazines who, naturally, will endorse a product if they are getting freebies from the cosmetic company etc. Also, all the top 100 product surveys only endorse the brands advertised in that magazine. The average person on the street gets sucked in and buys the top products recommended there.