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Nutralux Eyebow Enhancer
Nutralux Eyebow Enhancer Rejuvenate your eyebrows. Improve the appearance of your natural eyebrows i..
Nutralux Eyeliner Enhancer
Nutralux Eyeliner Enhancer Stronger and thicker lashes in just 4-6 weeks with our dual performance e..
Nutralux Lash Eyelash Enhancer
Nutralux Lash Eyelash Enhancer Physician Formulated, Ophthalmologist tested alcohol free and fragran..
Nutralux Mascara Flock Hairs
Nutralux Mascara Flock Hairs Now you can have INSTANTLY LONGER, THICKER and FULLER LASHES. Made from..
Nutrasonic Face Brush
Nutrasonic Face Brush the Future of Skincare Brush head oscillates up to 400 times per second and sw..
Papilla Foam
Papilla Stimulating Foam works by directly inducing dermal papilla cells where hair growth occurs by..
Papilla HairStim Capsules
Papilla HairStim Capsules contains both AnaGain and CAPIXYL which have been clinically proven to sti..
Papilla Laser Brush
Papilla Laser Brush 18 Diode Laser Brush Built to FDA specification: 650nm 5mw 1 year warranty ..
Papilla Tonic
Papilla Stimulating Tonic is a leave in conditioner that helps prevent further hair loss. After year..