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Genuine Dermaroller Beauty Mouse - Body Dermaroller

Price: £200.00
Brand:  Genuine Dermaroller
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Genuine Dermaroller Beauty Mouse - Body Dermaroller


The Beauty Mouse was invented by Dermaroller. The Beauty Mouse is a unique instrument with several advantages: It helps stimulates the skin, improves the micro-circulation and helps to enhance active substances into deeper skin layers. A device specifically designed to help treat cellulite.

Cellulite is often referred to as "cottage cheese" or "orange peel" mainly due to its appearance, which looks like dimples or ripples just under the skin. It is caused mainly due to a lack of stimulation and circulation in the body. For years woman have hated this appearance, until now. Meet, the Beauty Mouse. One introduction to your thighs and they’ll never see rippled again!

The Beauty Mouse is designed to help treat cellulite. Incorporating 3 x Dermaroller heads and a total of 480 micro-needles, the micro-needles help deliver ingredients deeper into the skin. It also helps stimulates the skin & improves micro-circulation. These micro-needles are so fine that they are painless.

The Beauty Mouse incorporates 3 roller heads with a total of 480 micro needles arranged in such a way that the device has a rolling width of 50mm (2 inches). This width provides a significant reduction in treatment time over using the Dermaroller Home C8 model more commonly used for treating the face.

 The needles are 0.2mm as with the Dermaroller Home C8 model.

Dermaroller’s Beauty Mouse will enhance the penetration of any anti-cellulite skincare ingredient 200 times more product delivery, dramatically giving value and results to your regime. In 2000 the University of Marburg/Germany has proven the efficacy of transdermal delivery with the device named DERMAROLLER.


For optimal results - combine the treatment with an anti-cellulite cream and a disciplined diet-regime. The formula for a visible success is:


Beauty Mouse + Anti-Cellulite Lotion + Exercise + Nutrition Control

The Beauty Mouse kit includes:

  • Beauty Mouse Dermaroller
  • Cleaning Solution

Consultation will be required to purchase this product.  We will contact you to ensure you know how to use this product.

Product Type Roller

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