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Jan Marini Skin Silk Protecting Hydrator

Price: £40.99
Brand:  Jan Marini
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Jan Marini Skin Research Skin Silk Protecting Hydrator combines outstanding antioxidant benefits with an additional new technology called "Cellular Membrane Engineering." One of the ways in which free radicals cause damage is by disrupting cellular processes. Cells have flexible protective membranes that not only act as a filter, but also absorb critical fluids which enable the cells to assist in the manufacture of collagen and elastin, among other essential activities.

Medical research has proven that damaged cell membranes actually become stiff and "clogged" with hardened plugs of fat, much in the same way that cholesterol plugs our arteries.

Skin Silk Hydrator is scientifically formulated with a series of phospholipids that are identical to the lipid membranes protecting the cells. These extracts may actually help to restore the cells' flexibility and create the optimum balance of maximum cell efficiency.

Second, Skin Silk minimizes free radical activity by adding a unique lipoamino acid that inhibits the visible signs of skin aging and acts as a free radical scavenger by assisting in preventing lipid peroxidation, protein oxidation and actinic radiation (sun damage).

Third, Skin Silk provides a velvety soft finish for any skin type, including oily or acne prone. Its amazing self-regulating quality controls absorption so that, depending on climate and skin type, your skin will only absorb what it requires.

Finally, hydroscopic (water attracting) agent have been included in significant quantities to increase the skin's moisture levels for a beautifully soft and radiant appearance.

1 oz. jar
Skin Types: All skin types

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